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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Coaching different than Therapy?

Although there are some similarities, coaching and therapy have different focuses.

Coaching tends to be focused on taking action, functioning at one's highest capacity, increasing quality of life, and goal-setting. The client is empowered to be resourceful, resilient, and whole.

Therapy, on the other hand, is based on the idea that there is a problem to be fixed and is focused on relieving the symptoms and treating that problem.

Therapy and coaching work well together, and if during our work together you or I feel that you would benefit from therapy, I am happy to refer you to a therapist.


What is a Wellness Coach and is this coaching only for nurses?

I am a nurse trained as a coach, so your personalized coaching benefits from my years of nursing experience. This coaching is for anyone willing to take that first step toward the life they would love to be living. It is for anyone ready for transformative change that will last and continue growing. The style of coaching that I use includes many modalities with a big focus on nervous system and somatic or body-based work. I do enjoy working with healthcare providers and anyone else ready to take the leap!

And I can provide CE for nurses with many of my programs!


What does coaching with me look like?

You will start by having an obligation free initial conversation with me to make certain that we will work well together.

Wellness coaching is individualized because you are unique! You are the powerful person in charge of your wellbeing , and I am here to accept you without judgement, listen deeply, ask meaningful questions, provide tools, and partner with you to set and attain goals. Coaching is a close partnership between a client and coach and it is vital that you feel comfortable with me and that we both feel that working together is a good fit.

When you choose to work with me as your coach, we will customize a package for you. Most clients will do a 3, 6, or 12 month contract, with the option to continue after the initial contract expires.

Generally, we meet weekly, practice a short mindfulness activity, discuss the progress you've made that week, have deep meaningful conversations that emerge naturally, and set actions and/or homework for the following week.

Coaching can dive deep into underlying emotions, traumas, memories, and belief systems as sometimes these are the key to unlocking what you have been looking for in life. Our conversations are always confidential and done is a safe relationship space that we create together.


How much does coaching cost and do you offer payment plans?

Because every coaching package is as unique as you, there is not a set price for my coaching. I customize my programs to serve you and what you need to have the most growth possible. Once you've decided that you'd like to work with me then we can talk about payment. Programs range from $1000-$16500 If you are ready to start this process and are committed to transformative change, please reach out and we can discuss finding a payment option that works well for both of us.

Although I don't accept insurance, many Health Savings Accounts will pay for my services.

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