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Darcie Ziel Coaching
Additional Experiences


Not only did Darcie provide great mindfulness exercises, but she was extremely helpful in providing me great insight into life as a nurse educator and helped encourage me to complete my MSN in education when I was feeling overwhelmed and lacking motivation.  She is very calm, genuine, patient and motivating.  She also went out of her way to check on me and send me positive affirmations, even when we weren’t scheduled for a session.  I really appreciated the time I spent with her and would highly recommend her as a nurse coach! -Cathy RN


Speaking From the Heart

Before coaching with Darcie I had just returned to Sitka after being gone for 3 months this winter. There is always an adjustment when returning to this lovey, small town I've lived in for the last 42 years. This year with Covid 19 happening it was a more discomforting and confusing time. Not being able to get together with friends and family in close quarters was really difficult, being that I’m a very social person.

Once I began working with you I found there were benefits to this period of going within and spending more quiet meditative time. I found it to be a great value to focus on goals that gave me strength in voicing what I want for myself and in turn benefiting others. I feel it gave me time to become more grounded with less choices at hand. 

I really liked how we started our sessions with a meditation for grounding and gathering our intentions. The atmosphere was open and casual and I felt comfortable to take the lead in any direction. You were very good at prompting me and restating and helping me organize my thoughts. There seemed to be just enough formality to keep things rolling, allowing for me to direct the conversation to places I wanted to work on. 

During these sessions I discovered that taking quiet time for myself and daily meditation really sets the stage for a positive experience. I learned that it is ok to say no if speaking from the heart and it will be okay. I was able to voice what it is that brings me joy.  I feel like these sessions helped me find myself and set goals that will help me become a better person. 

 You have a beautiful spirit and your calm but organized style is great for life coaching. I would recommend you to any one in need of a good listener and someone who can help you feel successful in your daily life and align your goals to become the best person you can. 

 Thanks for taking the time with me Darcie. I really enjoyed pushing myself to go within and feel like you are a great life coach, benefiting many people.  -M.C., Alaska

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Increased Confidence

I have worked as a NICU RN for over 20 years.  In the past, and especially for the last 5 years, I have struggled with nursing "burn out” becoming depressed, over-worked and wanting to make a change from my nursing career but have been afraid to make a move.  I was immediately drawn to Darcie after watching her introduction video on a nurse coaching site.      

 It is so easy to talk with Darcie.  She is a skilled listener and has the unique ability to connect and restate the feelings I am having with “spot on” accuracy.  She is professional, non-judgmental, and encouraging. She has encouraged me to explore different options and directed me to helpful resources.  With her encouragement, I am looking at things in a different way and have increased confidence for taking the next step in making career changes.  I am very happy that I made the call to Darcie.  -Diane, RN, Indiana


Clarity to Move Forward

Darcie is extremely thoughtful and organized. If you need help to organize your thoughts and life, she is an excellent source to work with. My sessions with Darcie gave me the clarity I needed to move forward during a chaotic time in my life. Every aspect of my life had met challenges at the same time and Darcie helped me see my mess clearly and empowered me to tackle my challenges head on. She is extremely clever and the listener I needed to move forward. Darcie is not afraid of challenges and she does not judge. Her experience as a nurse, a healthcare educator, and being a mother translates beautifully in her work. I recommend Darcie to anyone who has goals that seem unreachable and to anyone that craves direction and guidance. Her feedback allowed me to stay centered and see my “mess” as a challenge that is not impossible. Thank you!! -Michelle,  RN

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You Deserve It!

At the point that I started life coach sessions with Darcie, I was dealing with both the end of a relationship and major job discontent.  It was a very stressful time, and for her to come into my life at this particular moment was very timely.  She gave me specific weekly personal and work goals--holding me accountable in ways that I wouldn't have done myself.  Having a nurse as a sounding board was particularly helpful.  I gained new self confidence at work, learned better ways to deal with difficult co-workers, and gained greater personal insight.  With Darcie's help, I was able to gain a much clearer picture of what I want my future to look like and am well on my way  to achieve what was once overwhelming and insurmountable. I would recommend her to anyone-nurses in particular, who are ready for a change but need a push in the right direction. She will give you the tools to succeed and the awareness to know that you deserve it! -K.S., Anchorage, Alaska

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